Sunday, 26 June 2011

Whiterock . 03-06-2011

Wandering around white rock I found Paxillus involutus/Brown Rollrim for the first time this year.  Also in a scrubby patch of grass was Agaricus campestris/Field Mushroom. I've never seen that in this location before. Since I first saw it it has been fruiting regularly over the last three weeks but not in great numbers. However it's good to see this area has been colonised.

Grassland by East Bank Way 30-5-11

On the 30th of May, after there had been showers following days of good weather, I found a few mushrooms that are often found in the soil this time of year. Especially after a downpour. The photos  above and below are of Panaeolina foenisecii. As can be seen, the caps and stems are dark reddish brown, this is because they are wet. When they dry, they will be creamy beige.

Also hidden the grass was Parasola plicatilis/ Pleated Inkcap, the photos below show show delicate this particular species is.

Growing in the same place as last year was Marasmius rotula/Collared Parachute. This mushroom is easy to identify by it's pleated cap and unusual stipe attachment to the stem. (See below),

Unknown Mushroom

On the 26th of May I found a large honey coloured mushroom growing in wood chip and bark mulch on Quay Parade Road, by Sainsbury's. (SS 66030 93108).

It was in considerable numbers and fruiting in many stages of maturation.  It completely puzzled me as I found it impossible to work out the family it belongs too. I believe it to be an Agrocybe, specifically Agrocybe putaminum, which is not indigenous.

Since then the weather has been either dry or very wet and this fungi has continuously fruited for the last month..Another wood chip fungi that is fruiting in the same location is Psilocybe cyanascens.