Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Quick Foray

I decided to go for a quick foray over Kilvey Hill. Last week I found Amanita muscaria/Fly Agarics and I wanted to see if any more had come and they had in great numbers. There was a Amanita rubescens/Blusher too but only one.

There was a great deal of Tricholompsis rutilans/Plums and Custard growing on conifer stumps, more than I've ever seen before. Near by was a bolete I couldn't identify at the time that turned out to be Boletus badius, the Bay Bolete.
In Jersey Park was lactarius, armillaria, and Lepista nuda/Field Blewit.

Below: Tricholomoposis rutilans/Plums and Custard

Below: Boletus badius/Bay Bolete

Below: Armillaria borealis/Honey Fungus

Below: Unidentified Lactarius/Milkcap

Below: Lepista Nuda/Wood Blewit