Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Two hours on Kilvey Hill

After a few days of very heavy rain the weather clears and I go up Kilvey Hill from Port Tennant side. I have a quick swoop of Jersey park and there are a few things about. The most conspicuous are Psatheralla growing in the grass but there are two sorts of Inkcaps here too.

Below is a mushroom I can't identify as of yet.

I find one Amanita muscaria on my way up. It's the first I've seen in this location this year.

On the way there are still False Cantrelles about and, at last, Russula ochroleuca. Up at the transmitters, R. ochroleuca match the numbers that I saw in the wooded area at the Pluck.

To my surprise Amanita rubescens has started fruiting in numbers again. I thought their season was virtually over.
Passing the transmitters I come across Sulphur Tuft but also Conifer Tuft which is far less common. It's not the only orange toadstool on coniferous wood chippings and logs either; there's another I don't recognise. It looks like a Rustgill if it's gills are anything to go by. Below is Conifer tuft...

Below is Sulphur Tuft.Conifer tuft, growing out of wood.

Below one can clearly see the difference in the colour of the gills between the tufts. Sulphur Tuft on the left, Conifer Tuft on the right.

Below is the Gymnoplius penetrans/Common Rustgill

Birch Bolete and The Deceiver have both reasserted themselves too and I also find some Tricholoma fulvum/Birch Knight. I found this on Sunday but it's taken today before I could positively identify it.

Amongst the moss and needles was a Mycena. I have problems with this mushroom species however this on was reasonably easy because of the smell it has. Basically it smells of amonia and swimming pools; it's called Mycena alcalina.

There are a few nice new discoveries today, Including a new Lactarius: Lactarius glyciosmus/ Coconut Milkcap and it does smell strongly of coconut too.

There's a few other things for me to scratch my head over including a dainty little mushroom with a white stipe and gills and a distinct pink cap. It's not a Russula however. that much is clear to me. The stipe is completely different to Russula.

I found the above mushroom on Pentre-chwyth Road as well as a few other things. I think I might do a foray along this road sometime next week as it has been supplying me with a wealth of mushrooms now. Many of them are new to me so it deserves further attention.

Below, Panaelous papilionaceus/Bell-shaped Mottlegill growing on horse dung.

Jersey Park
Coprinopsis atramentaria/Common Inkcap
Coprinellus disseminatus/Fairy Inkcap
Psathyrella candolleana/Pale Britlestem
Hygrocybe conica
/Blackening Waxcap

Kilvey Hill
Amanita muscaria/Fly Agaric
Amanita muscaria/The Blusher
Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca/False Chanterelle
Hypholoma fasciculare/Sulphur Tuft
Hypholoma capnoides/Conifer Tuft
Mycena alcalina
Tricholoma fulvum/Birch Knight
Lactarius glyciosmus/Coconut Milkcap
Laccaria laccata/The Deceiver
Panaelous papilionaceus/Bell-shaped Mottlegill
Gymnopilus sapiens/Scaly Rustgill
Rickenella fibula/Orange Mosscap
Cortinarius (unknown)
Hebeloma crustuliniforme/Poisonpie

Pentre-chwyth Road

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