Thursday, 2 September 2010

Clyne Woods

Went for a foray at Clyne woods today in the hope that I would find a great deal. After looking around my local area, which is mostly birch and pine trees, going to a wood that's predominately oak and beech makes a nice change. However I found virtually nothing. The weather has been very warm and dry recently and this is reflected in the leaf litter being dry as a bone. It's not often I pray for rain, especially in a place known for it's downpours.
There was the odd thing here and there and loads of earthballs but by the time I left I had three mushrooms, one of which was an earthball. I was a little disappointed.

Below is Coprinus atramentaria/Common Inkcap

The 'boot laces' of an Armillaria or a honey fungus.

Hypholoma fasciculare/Sulphur Tuft

When the weather changes this month I'll go back. At least the trip was useful for me to get my bearings because the area is huge and I don't think I would have to go far before I find something. Fingers crossed.

A New Find.
I walk home along Oystermouth road keeping to the edges of the tree line whilst cyclists zip by in the fast lane and it's along this tree line that I find one thing that I've never seen or found before which makes up for the meagre offerings from Clyne.
It's a Suillus granulatus/Weeping Bolete. When I picked it up I was astonished to see liquid oozing from its pores. A quality that made identification relativley easy. The apex of the stipe is covered in fine granules. The cap is moist and sticky.

A Pleasant Surprise.
I stop off to grab a few things from the supermarket and since the Waterfront Museum is on the way home, I decide to have a look. I don't expect to find anything but instead find quite a lot. The large grassy area in front of the museum has had birches planted in the front, by the pavement and at the very first birch I find Leccinum scabrum, Lactarius pubescens, Paxillus involutus, an unknown Russula and a tiny Inocybe, all within a metre and a half radius of the tree. I found Lepiota here too a couple of weeks back, (see below).
Considering that the museum opened in 2005, the fact that fungi have already colonised this area is quite satisfying.
I'm sure I must have looked a bit strange plucking things from the grass, my shopping falling everywhere.

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