Sunday, 19 September 2010

Glamorgan Fungi Group/Afan Argoed Foray

Afan Argoed..

The first foray of the GFG was at Afan Argoed today. It was very productive and we found many mushrooms from many genus. Fortunately the weather, whilst overcast, was kind and it didn't rain.
In the car park alone were Incoybe, Hebeloma, Helvella crispa, some crusts and a jelly fungus. The woods here are a mixture of pine and broad leaf trees. The paths we took led us to find Lactarius and Russula and some species of fungi I've not seen before but some of which I've identified such as Cudoniella acicularis/Oakpin Fungi. something I've not seen before.

We found Laccaria laccata/ The Deceiver but especially Laccaria amethystea/Amethyst Deceiver. It's gorgeous purple colour stood out. Last time I saw that fungi was five years ago and 80 miles west, down in Pembrokeshire.
Tomorrow I'll identify as many as I can.. Below are some photos of what we found.

Hypholoma fasciculare/Sulphur Tuft

Lactarius glyciomus/Coconut Milkcap

Piptoporus betulinus/Birch Polypore

Calocera viscosa/Yellow Staghorn

Postia caesia/ Conifer Blueing Bracket

Helvella Crispa/White Saddle

Dacrymyces stillatus/Common Jellyspot

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