Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Back to Clyne Woods

The rain was drumming but I went to Clyne woods anyway, to see if anything had fruited but to my dismay it was as bare as previously. That's not to say there was nothing but I hoped that the weather would have given the ground a good soaking resulting in mushrooms everywhere.

Strangely, there were two small diggers tearing up the soil, which surely has damaged the earth and crushed fungi. I guess they were making pathways. The wood is a mud bath so I'm glad I took my wellies. There's already plenty of ramps for mountain bikers to fling themselves into the air.

What I did find was fungi on wood: Panellus stipticus/Bitter Oysterling (below), Stereum hirsutum/Hairy Curtaincrust and some Postia stiptica/Bitter Bracket.

After finding very little I did find a Russula on my way back down.

After Clyne I traipse back home along the cycle/pedestrian path that goes all the way back to town. It reveals a lot more fungi than the wood.

On the golf course there's a large fairy ring, made from Marasmius oreades/Fairy Ring Champignon.
Under a pine tree I find this little mushroom but I don't identify it.

Further down the pathway there's some Hebeloma crustuliniforme/Poisonpie (below), in the banks and further along the path in the grass some other mushrooms.

Laccaria laccata/The Deceiver.
Lyophyllum descates/Chicken Mushroom/Clustered Domecap. This particular mushroom is easy to identify because it grows in tight clumps. It's cap is a chocolate brown colour and the gills lighter.

When I get to the council offices, which is opposite the prison, I find quite a lot of species growing in the grass on the banks there, all in the same area. The trees here are evergreens.
Hygrocybe persistens.

Clitocybe gibba/Common Funnel.Russula sanguinaria.

Conocybe tenera.Melanoleuca polioleuca.This Inocybe I can't identify.When I sliced though the flesh there was a very faint purple flush at the top, where the stipe meets the cap, (see below).

Clyne Wood 13-9-10

Panellus stipticus/Bitter Oysterling
Stereum hirsutum/Hairy Curtaincrust
Postia stiptica/Bitter Bracket
Marasmius oreades/Fairy Ring Champignon.
Hebeloma crustuliniforme/Poisonpie
Laccaria laccata/The Deceiver
Lyophyllum descates/Chicken Mushroom/Clustered Domecap
Clitocybe gibba/Common Funnel
Russula sanguinaria
Melanoleuca polioleuca
Conocybe tenera

1 Inocybe & 1 Russula
1 unknown

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