Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Waxcaps at Ogmore

At Ogmore we found nine species of Waxcaps/Hygrocybe. They often have bright colours; yellows, oranges and shades of red or a combination. The surface of these species can help identify the species. They can be dry, waxy, slippery and viscid. Below is Hygrocybe splendidissima/Splendid Waxcap

 Below is Hygrocybe psittacina/Parrot Waxcap. The only Waxcap that is coloured green, often with shades of yellow. Both the cap and stipe are very slimy to the touch.

 The waxcap below is called Hygrocybe russocoriacea/Cederwood Waxcap. It's an ivory colour that isn't well seen below but identifying this mushroom is relativley easy in the field. It's very close in appearance to Hygrocybe virginea/Snowy Waxcap but unlike that mushroom Hygrocybe russocoriacea has a very distinctive, pleasant smell of cedar wood or pencil sharpenings.

Below is Hygrocybe pratensis/Meadow Waxcap. Another distinctive waxcap with a dull apricot coloured cap. The stipe is flushed with cap colour too and is quite firm. It can be quite large and is very common.

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