Wednesday, 10 November 2010

To Tesco's and Back

Had to go shopping and walked to Tesco's.  In the grounds of the Waterfront museum, the annual Ferris wheel has been erected. Occupying the same lawns were some fungi too. Lactarius pubescens/Bearded Milkcap and also Melanoleuca.

Two other species here were Inocybe and what looks like Laccaria Laccata, though they were tiny and possibly could be something else. The Inocybe, (below) has a little orange umbo and brown stipe. I don't know what it is. Close by was a Cortinarius. The web was still attached. It's colouration was similar to the Inocybe but the cap was rounded and stipe thicker.

By the swinning pool, under pines was Stropharia aeruginosa/Blue Roundhead

The area that surrounds Sainsbury's is full of trees, bushes, rubbish and bark mulch. The mixture of bark and earth is the nutrient source of many fungi.  Not growing on wood but there all the same was Coprinus lagopus/ Hare'sfoot Inkcap and close by a tall slender mushroom attached to wood that I had never seen before. The stalk was surprisingly tough. It's left me a bit puzzled.

Psilocybe cyanescens/Blueleg Brownie is still producing fruitbodies in the same place where I saw it earlier in the year. Surprisingly I found Helvella crispa/White Saddle here. It seemed an unlikely place and it wasn't in the best condition but it's an unmistakable fungi. Hopefully it will thrive.

Also growing in great numbers on wood debris was the tiny Crucibulum laeve/Common Bird's Nest.

Swansea 09-11-10
Melanoleuca melaleuca
Lepista Nuda/Wood Blewit
Stropharia aurantiaca/Redlead Roundhead
Stropharia aeruginosa/Blue Roundhead
Psilocybe cyanescens/Blueleg Brownie
Coprinus lagopus/Hare'sfoot Inkcap
Helvella crispa/White Saddle
Lactarius pubescens/Bearded Milkcap
Laccaria laccata/The Deceiver 
Crucibulum laeve/Common Bird's Nest

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