Thursday, 11 November 2010

Around Foxhole

Went for a quick look around foxhole before the sun went down and the bad weather started. It wasn't until I got to grassland that I found Hygrocybe virginea/Snowy Waxcaps and a small mushroom, that had a ring remnant (below). I couldn't identify that mushroom and it's continued to puzzle me as to which family it belongs to.

 L-R Unknown, Hygrocybe virginea/Snowy Waxcap.

Below is Paxillus involutus/Brown Rollrim
There was still Tricholoma out too. I haven't identified it yet.

Below, found under fir was Cortinarius hemitrichus/Frosty Webcap. The second photo shows the young fruitbody with characteristic white speckles dusting the surface of the cap.

On Pentre-chwyth Road I found some Collybia butyracea/ Buttercap. The cap on this mushroom is hygrophanous turning to an ivory colour when it dries, as can be seen below. The stipe retians its caramel colour, always darker at the base which is sometimes swollen.

There was only one fungi to be found at the bottom of Kilvey Road, emerging out of moss growing on a tree stump. As of yet I haven't idenitified it. It's not Ascocoryne sarcoides/Purple Jellydisc since it's fruitbody resembles a coral..

Closer to home was Geastrum triplex/Collared Earthstar. Still in the same place as I found it earlier in the year. It's hidden from view by a mass of brambles and nettles.

At the bottom of my street I chanced upon this, growing on dead rotten wood' It's Mollisia cineva/Common Grey Disco.

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