Tuesday, 16 November 2010

GFG Foray: Ogmore/Southerndown

Another fine (but slightly chilly) day at Ogmore. This is the first grassland that we have forayed on this year and we found many mushrooms. We forayed here exactly a year ago today but this time there was lots more to find and unlike last year we found no Macrolepiota/Parasol Fungi.
This habitat is particularly good for Hygrocybe/Waxcaps where we found nine species and also Clavulinopsis and related species; five of these were discovered.
In the photo below are Hygrocybe splendidissima/Slpendid Waxcap and Lepista panaeola (= L. luscina). Lepista panaeola is uncommon to rare but here was out in reasonable numbers. This particular mushroom was also found at Kenfig Burrows.

Below is Hygrocybe cholrophana/Golden Waxcap..

A selection found by lunch time. Mostly waxcaps but on the far right is a lilac coloured mushroom, Lepista nuda/Wood Blewit.

A bracket fungi..Heterobasidion annosum/Root Rot

Below is Clitocybe Nebularis/Clouded Agaric. In the wooded area up above the grassland there were plenty of these. Some in wonderfully large rings, too wide to capture in a photograph. Lepista nuda/Wood Blewits were also very common here and in good enough condition to eat.

Below is Cystoderma amianthinum/Earthy Powdercap. It's common and unmistakable. The Cap is yellowy/orange. It's cap can wrinkled as it matures and that's a good identifier too. Hanging from the margin off the cap are veil remnants which pull away from the edge of the cap surface creating a torn, jagged look. One can see the this below.

Below is Auricularia auricula-judae/Jelly Ear. A very common fungi with a soft texture and wrinkled appearence .

Ogmore 14-11-10
Hygrocybe virginea/Snowy Waxcap
Hygrocybe psittacina/Parrot Waxcap
Hygrocybe russocoriacea/Cedarwood Waxcap
Hygrocybe pratensis/Meadow Waxcap
Hygrocybe persistens/Persistant Waxcap
Hygrocybe cholrophana/Golden Waxcap
Hygrocybe ceracea/Butter Waxcap
Hygrocybe splendidissima/Spledid Waxcap
Hygrocybe coccinea/Scarlet Waxcap

Lepista nuda/Wood Blewit
Lepista panaeola (= L. luscina)

Clavaria fragilis/White Spindles
Clavulina rugosa/Wrinkled Club
Clavulinopsis helvola/Yellow Club
Clavulinopsis luteoalba/Apricot Club
Clavulinopsis corniculata/Meadow Coral

Clitocybe nebularis/Clouded Agaric or Clouded Funnel 
Clitocybe gibba/Common Funnel 
Clitocybe fragrans/Fragrant Funnel 

Mycena pura/Lilac Bonnet 
Mycena galericulata/Common Bonnet

Collybia dryophila/Russet Toughshank
Collybia butyracea/Butter Cap 

Entoloma confederum
Entoloma serrulatum/Blue Edge Pinkgill

Hypholoma fasciculare/Sulphur Tuft
Hypholoma capnoides/Conifer Tuft 

Stropharia aeruginosa/Verdigris Agaric
Stropharia squarrosa

Xylaria hypoxylon/Stag'shorn Fungi
Xylaria ploymorpha/Dead Mans Fingers 

Macrocystidia cucumbis/Cucumber Cap 
Melanoleuca melaleuca
Pluteus cervinus/Dear Shield

Cystoderma amianthinum/Earthy Powdercap
Geoglossum cookeanum/Earth Tongue
Auricularia auricula-judae/Jelly Ear
Tulostoma brumale/Winter Stalkball
Panaeolus fimicola (= P. ater)/Turf Mottlegill
Heterobasidion annosum/Root Rot
Galerina pumila/Dwarf Bell

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