Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Tricholoma focale/Booted Knight

 About four years or so I came across a mushroom that I could not identify. Indeed I could not identify which family it belonged to. It seemed to be Cortinarius but also Agaricus. I could not find it any book and left it with a sense of frustration.
The mushroom did not fruit again until this year in exactly the same place as before and this time after photographing it I asked others via fungi groups on Facebook for help; within the hour several people came back with the same answer Tricholoma focale/Booted Knight.

 One of the problems is that in one book it is not listed at all and in another, the photograph looks nothing like what I found and states that it's only found in Caledonia forests which hampered things. In Bons' book, (which is now out of publication) it is listed and actually does look like the mushroom I picked so it's worth keeping all those old books.

One of the most interesting aspects of this mushroom for me is its colour. The stipe is scaly with orange/brown tones and it also has ring remnants. The cap is domed and lustrous with a bronze sheen over orange and brown. Many thanks to those mycologists who helped me out.

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