Monday, 21 November 2011

Lake Pluck 21-11-11

At Lake Pluck, the fungi season has been rich with species and like last year, fruiting in tremendous amounts. The greatest number today were Collybia butyracea/Butter Cap, This is a variable species when one looks at the cap but the surface does feel like butter when dry so it's always worth a gentle touch. The photo of the fairy ring below is this species. The ring itself was about ten foot in diameter and there were quite a few of them. Below is Piptoporus betulinus/Birch Bracket

Below is Lepista Nuda/Wood Blewit.  This year I have found a number of this mushroom, quite large ones too.

I'll have to look this mushroom up though it's an Agaricus. The dark red discolouration should be helpful in identification.

 The most interesting find today is shown below. It's a Jelly Tongue; Pseudohydnum gelatinosum. I'll try and get some better photos later. 

Above is a photo of the Blushing Bracket/Daedaleopsis confragosa. There was quite a lot of this maroon coloured bracket about.
Below are two photos of Clitocybe nebularis /Clouded Funnel. I could not photograph the length this species was growing. The second photo hints at its length, which was roughly twelve foot but there was another arc that was easily over twenty five feet. The brambles and trees prevented me from finding the end.

 It's never fails to surprise me what ends up in the woods. A load of staplers and staples and next to it, the screws and things needed to fix a sink to a wall.

Below is a lichen, Cladonia floerkeana, the red parts are the spore producing bodies.

Finally, two brackets which I'll have a look at later as I can't identify them off the top of my head but hopefully the blue tint to the pores will be helpful.

Lake Pluck 21-11-11
Collybia butyracea
Russula ochroleuca
Suillus luteus
Clitocybe nebualris
Lepista Nuda
Daedaleopsis confragosa
Pseudohydnum gelatinosum

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