Thursday, 14 October 2010

Russula sardonia/Primrose Brittlegill

We found this mushroom; Russula sardonia, the Primrose Brittlegill at Whitford Sands. It grows with pines and is common. 
Cap 4-10cms across, convex, later flattening and with a depression.
The colour of the cap is often a rich violet, purple and brown colour sometimes greenish or ochre or yellowish; hard and the skin doesn't peel back far.

 Below a young mushroom, the cap in convex in shape

The colours of the gills and stipe are better seen in the photos below. The stipe is clearly flushed pink, sometimes it's more lilac or purple, sometimes it resembles raspberry ripple ice cream.

Gills adnexed to slightly decurrent, narrow, at first a primrose colour that ages pale golden yellow.
Stipe 30-80mm high/10-15mm wide; sometimes white, often lilac to grey rose. There's a distinct primrose colour in the examples below.

Flesh white; taste very hot, smell slightly fruity.


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