Wednesday, 13 October 2010

GFG Foray: Ogwr Ridgeway & Parc Slip

Two forays today on an unseasonally warm and sunny Sunday .  We didn't find a great deal at Ogwr though we found something special at Parc Slip. As it happens the best find was kept till last. The woods at Ogwr is mixed, from pine plantations growing in straight lines to old oak and beech mixed wood.

Russula ochroleuca/Ochre brittlegill was in the pines and out in numbers but not abundant. There was both Sulphur and Conifer Tuft: Hypholoma fasciculare and Hypholoma capnoides.

There were some tiny Oudemanisella muscida/Porcelain Mushroom too.
We also found Helvella crispa/White Saddle in good numbers. It's one of my favorite mushrooms. It's stipe structure is truly amazing and to my eye beautiful.

Like a Swiss cheese that's been stretched and gently twisted. The architect Antonio Gaudi may have loved it. Though his brilliant organic arcitecture isn't a patch on the endless variety of the towers this fungi builds to expell it's spores..
There was also a couple of Cortinarius that as always are puzzling and some great examples of Calocera viscosa/Yellow Stagshorn mushroom.

At Parc Slip, the wood is mostly larch and fir and the best things to be seen here are hidden away off the paths. Whilst the little choo choo train does it's job creating interest in a ride for the visitors there are amazing things to be witnessed in the natural world off the track. We found Laccaria amethystea/Amethyst Deceiver in astounding numbers, the wood floor dotted in beautiful purple touches.

And some rare mushrooms too.  Below is the Suillus cavipes/Hollow Bolete. It grows with larchThe cap and stipe is felty, even hairy to the touch and also has a hollow stipe.
This fungi is very rare indeed and should not be collected.


Ogwr Rideway and Parc Slip. 10-10-10
Russula ochroleuca/Ochre brittlegill
Hypholoma fasciculare/Sulphur Tuft 
Hypholoma capnoides/Conifer Tuft

Oudemanisella muscida/Porcelain Mushroom
Helvella crispa/White Saddle
Calocera viscosa/Yellow Stagshorn
Melanoleuca polioleuca/Common Cavalier (=Melanoleuca melaleuca)
Laccaria laccata/The Deceiver
Scleroderma areolatum/Common Earthball
Cortinarius (unidentified)
Parc Slip
Laccaria amethystea/Amethyst Deceiver
Suillus cavipes/Hollow Bolete (=Bolentinus cavipes)
Suillus tridentinus?
Inocybe geophylla v. lilacina

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