Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Bwlch yr Afan Fungi.

Fungi found on the foray at Bwlch yr Afan. Apart from finding plenty of species I have to admit that most of them were too hard to identify since they were Inocybe or Cortinarius; both difficult species to identify in the field.
Some have left me very puzzled indeed. But not everything was beyond me. We found three Russula. The one below is Russula sanguinaria/Bloody Brittlegill. The defining features are the stipe which is flushed red in part or whole as well as a red cap. It also grows with pines.

The Russula below was more troublesome. At first I thought it was R. Ochroleuca but I'm doubtful. I've seen enough of this particular species and this doesn't really conform to its general apperance.

This Russula was easier to identify. Russula emetica/The Sickener.

 Below are two Tricholoma species.

Below are five Cortinarius species that we found but we could not identify.

Below is a Suillius. Suillius variegatus.

Below is a Lactarius/Milkcap. The milk was white but not abundant. I've found trying to identify this one quite difficult.

Below from left to right; Lactarius, Russula emetica, Laccaria amethystea.

Bwlch yr Afan 26-09-10
Laccaria laccata/The Deceiver
Laccaria amethystea/Amethyst Deceiver
Lycoperdon perlatum/Common Puffball
Postia caesia/Conifer Blueing Bracket
Russula emetica/The Sickener
Russula sanguinaria/Bloody Brittlegill
Suillius variegatus
Baeospora myosura/Conifercone Cap

Unidentified Mushrooms.
The genus was identified but not the specific species.
Russula /1
Lactarius /1

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