Saturday, 14 May 2011

Singleton Park & Lake Pluck

Singleton Park
On the off chance that I might find some mushrooms at Singleton Park I thought I'd have a leisurely foray around it. I did find a couple of things, below is Parasola plicatilis/ Pleated Inkcap mushroom.
Unlike the parasols I found a few days ago, these are tiny, about a quarter the size. They are extremely fragile and by the time I got them home they were badly damaged and had already started to go limp. The second photo shows the mushroom at a young age.

There was also this ladybird with more spots than I would normally see. I've seen a lot of ladybirds this year, well more than I can remember seeing over the last few years.

Below is Ganoderma austale (=G. adspersum) /Southern Bracket.. Very common on the dead treetrunks here.

I found this small mushroom in the same place as the parasols. As to what it is I really can't say. I think it's probably an Inocybe but I really cannot be sure. It's one of those little brown toadstools that frustratingly defy identification..

Lake Pluck
On a walk to Lake Pluck I came across some burnt gorse with Daldinia fissa on it. I've seen this before on a previous walk but I hadn't spotted these before. They are related to Daldinia concentrica/Cramp Balls but only live on burnt gorse.

I was surprised to see these small mushrooms in the needle litter. It could  be a few things. At he moment I'm in the process of trying to identify it.

Two brackets that I found. On the left is Daedaleposis confragosa/ Blushing Bracket. It's pore side bruises red very easily hence the common name. As you can see, there is a hole where I pulled out the branch it had grown around. On the right is Polyporus leptocephalus/Blackfoot Polypore. At the base of the stalk there is a strong black mark.

Finally I came across this half eaten Russula. I'll try and get a spore print off it..

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  1. Barry, your ladybird is of the Harlequin variety - a fairly recent 'invader' to West Glamorgan.