Thursday, 14 April 2011


Coprinus, the 'inkcaps' is quite a large family of fungi. They appear similar to Psathyrella, the 'brittlestems' athough they are different. After a few days of rain, whilst passing by the civic court I found a few Coprinus. The stems on these mushrooms are easy to damage due to being brittle and on the whole, the entire structure is fragile.

This particular Coprinus is coloured a reddish brown, some of the colour seems to be been washed out. The cap also has a pleated suface, which are the gills showing through. The cap was 3cms wide and the stipe 7cms long.
As for identifying this particular mushroom, I have not found it yet.

Looking along the gills one can see a they are coloured with a white edged. The gills are free from the stem.

Two days later I returned to where I'd found the first specimens and was lucky enough to find some more at a younger stage.

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