Sunday, 25 October 2009

Quick Foray 22nd Oct

Went out for a quick Foray along foxhole road. It was a good couple of hours, lots of boletes and cortinarius. I always 'frown' on the inside when I find a cortinarius, simply because I find attempting to identify them, 'trying' to say the least.
My scowls at cortinarius are replaced with 'wow' when I get two really nice surprises. The first was the Amanita muscaria/Fly Agaric.
Today was the first time I've seen amanita muscaria in this location and the first one I've seen this year.
The second find was a Stropharia caerulea/Blue Roundhead, on the roadside grass. The soft turquoise colour is astonishing I think.
There was also a waxcap that puzzled me a little. I'm certain it is a Hygrocybe conica/Blackening waxcap but what puzzled me was that I found the same species earlier in the year and they were, on the whole, much larger than these. Unlike the ones found today, these were a lemon yellow and black colour. I wondered if they were different types, or just a variation in pigmentation.
It's deepend a mystery for me: Why do fungi have colour? What is its purpose?

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